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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification system that purifies and removes all contaminants from your tap water. Reverse osmosis systems will produce pure alkaline water. Alkaline water reaches a high level of alkalinity from 7 to 14. Almost every industrial company uses it, and hospitals use reverse osmosis as well. Doctors recommend Alkaline water for consumption as well.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

What is Hard Water

When I found out that our city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it right back to us to drink, and It made me almost want to puke out the water I drank as a child from the faucet. But hopefully, they did not have that problem back then. I mean really! Who wants to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces? Not me. And I’m sure you would not too. And certainly, the astronauts can do it because they have way better reverse osmosis machines than we do. And they have no choice because there is no water out there nowhere to find in space. But we have a choice.

Water purification is a method that removes contaminants from hard water. It will produce good quality alkaline water that is pure for human consumption. Some use it for industrial purposes. And doctors recommend it. And is nutritional for your body. It not only cleans your system, but it will also flush your kidneys and acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in.

Alkaline water is better than any kind of bottled water or spring water. Why? because when I tested several bottles of water all came out acidic. And as you already know acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. Alkaline water is pure and is high on a ph. level from 7 to 14. To ensure good quality safe drinking pure alkaline water for you and your family. If it’s not alkaline it’s acidic. 

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Drinking alkaline water not only flushes out your entire system and kidneys. But it also kills all acidic cells in your body that are housing for cancer cells to grow and live in. There is no other water that I would rather drink. Why because I even found out that bottled water is not as pure and as safe to drink as it should be.

Let me tell you a few contaminants that are in our tap water and metals as well. To name a few they are.

Lead, Copper, Aluminum, Magnesium, Arsenic, Iron, Zinc, Mercury, Calcium but not the kind you’ll find in a banana or milk. These minerals are not organic but in an inorganic form. Dangerous to your health. And the diseases it can give you, like Gastric cancer, Gastrointestinal disease, Helicobacter pylori, Hepatitis C, Bone disease, E-Coli, and much more. E-Coli is what comes from animal and human waste.

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Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink?

No, and I’ll tell you why. There have been studies done on the compound chemical called BPA that is made with plastic to make it more durable, firm, with a protective layer inside the bottle or can. But it has been proven that when a bottle of water is left in a car, the BPA will overheat and leak into your water. Thus causing you to get cancer from BPA.

Here is a picture of a storefront stacking their cases of bottled water outside in the hot summer sun on the hot pavement. Took a picture and before long the security guard was waving at me to move along. But I took the picture in time and got away with it.

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Now you see what I mean that it is not advisable to drink bottled water for this reason alone. People don’t care where they put those bottles when they are supposed to be set in a cool storage area they are put out in the hot sun to leak BPA which will kill you with cancer. Another reason I thought of was how long do these bottles of water sit in the back of an 18 wheeler that has no air condition for them back there. It only takes like an hour for that the BPA to leak into your water.

How many hours or days does it take to cross the country in an 18 wheeler? How many days does it take to get to its destination? I had a bunch of questions. So I made it a duty for me to warn everybody about these stupid people who do not know how to take care of merchandise in the correct way. And someone dies behind their ignorance and mistakes. That’s when lawsuits start stepping in if they ever find out it was from bottled water.

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What more can I say. We are living in a world that is full of ignorance and nobody cares to correct themselves or admit their faults and take the blame. We have to be on the alert at all times and test our underground water as well. Because there is another problem caused by agriculture and farming pesticides and herbicides. All these chemicals sink deep into the ground and will create methane gases and dangerous chemical waste, and lime.

Tractor spraying pesticides on vegetable field with sprayer at spring.

The ground contaminated from all those chemicals is a concern and needs to be fixed. Like other ways not to use chemicals to keep our crops safe. And that means our crops are being contaminated by these chemicals as well still jeopardizing our health. All in all, be safe and save yourself some money from buying bottled water every month by owning your water filtration system. A reverse osmosis machine is the best purifier one could ever have.


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