Get Google’s Approval

Get Google’s Approval


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If Google likes your content you can make it

I wanted you all to know that once you put your mind to something there are no limits on what you can do. This is one of my websites that has only one post. I created this second post after I saw Google ads showing on my website. I was excited and happy about it. That I had made a record high that no one else has done. Because everybody knows or thought they knew it could not be done.


At first, I was ignoring it because it was only one post. I was told that you had to do nine to get Google’s approval to get pay per click, I was ignoring it for a while. Till I decided to do something about this website.


So I worked on it to make it as perfect as I could with content. Did my best to make it catchy to the eye. And interesting enough to read. I was able to learn the skills good enough to get your content right. In addition to the rest of my websites that I have updated as well.


Creating great content is what Google likes. I had this website transferred from the cash app to Wealthy Affiliate. When I started with Wealthy Affiliate. A support team member blocked me from using the content to get points.


So, I said to them who gives you the right to block a service I had already paid for. That complaint made them think twice and lifted that block off. They said the reason was someone told them I could not create content. To show you I only worked on it for a couple of months. After I got it transferred from the cash app to Wealthy Affiliate.


A support team member blocked me from creating content. On Wealthy Affiliate, because someone told them I could not create content. That was an insult to my intelligence. They might think I’m dumb, but I am far from stupid. And this proved them wrong and I finally put them to shame. Don’t judge a book by its cover is what I always said to friends.


There is a verse in the bible that says. Judge not because you’ll be judged the same way. Thus, they were speaking of themselves because it takes one to know one, how about that. But in this case, they do it so to make themselves feel less incompetent for what they accused me of.


Is it possible to get pay-per-click Ads With Only One Post?






Yes as you can check out my website, I have Google banners all over. And fixing to add more banners from Google. When I saw this post this morning It was astounding that this was possible. And excited. Wow, I said to myself. Did I do that?


Yes, I finally cracked the code lol. If you do your codes right it matters as a whole too. one little slip of the finger can get you in trouble. And believe me, I have already experienced these kinds of problems. If you have broken links it could be almost impossible to find the mistake. Like looking for a needle in a haystack.


But I found it because I did not give up. I was at it the next day and kept moving forward. At times I would spend all night getting all my other websites updated and monetized. one more thing. When you create a website make sure you find a niche you would love to talk about.


Learn by doing searches for great content. But in all please try not to copy someone else’s writings or posts. Because it is paganism. Always revise something you read if you are going to post great content. Use your own words and make it intriguing.


All in all good luck my friends I hope I gave enough info for someone to start getting on it till you get it perfect. Or at least try. Remember the verse I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me?.


Well, there is a reminder there that also tells you you can do this. Anything you put your mind to and even better than the average man. But you need to have a zeal for knowledge.


My motto on Pinterest is. if you fall, get up. If you fail try again. If you get depressed meditate. But never give up until you reach your goal. Good luck to everyone else God bless. 



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